techhunterssss community syncup call

Date: february 4th, 7:30pm - 8:30 pm

we conducted this community syncup to learn more about our community members and what they are building.

Meeting Image

remembering our meet makes me happy. it felt like talking to old friends, everyone sharing their stories.

We started with saying hi, making it friendly. Everyone talked about what they did in tech.

Aashutosh shared his experience of participating in a hackathon held in Punjab, and he showed us excitement by showing us his cool project built using IoT, helping people with diabetes. We all liked it and wanted to see what he does with blockchain in the next hackathon in Gujarat.

Harsh, always wanting to learn, was trying out blockchain and helping Aashutosh with Web3.

We wished Sahil and Lakshya good luck for starting their new semester.

Shannn, joining from Karnataka, told us that he is exploring Python and Django. He shared some ideas and suggestions about the community.

Sonali, busy going to tech events in Indore, showed she likes to learn new things.

Varun thought we were all on mute, and it was funny, but we liked how he wants to do well in his next hackathon.

Tushar, having an exam on the "Constitution of India," asked us to tell him laws he should learn for his exam.

Vinamara, working on side hustle 'paperfry' to make it main hustle.

Rudra and Maharishi joining us made the environment light as they pulled Vinayak's leg about announcing the dates of HackHive.

when we asked what do you wanna learn, Sahil's said, "Mujhe kuch bhi sikha do me toh baccha hu."

even if there were problems, like Isha Vinarma's mic not working, we still had fun. We promised to meet again, happy about our shared love for learning.

our meet was more than just talking; it was a nice time with friends who like the same things.

written by vinayak, thinking of good times.